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  • CE EN 1621-4 Airbag
  • CE Airbag livello 2
  • Protezioni CE spalle e gomiti
  • Predisposizione protezione schiena CE da INSERTO
  • Balistico
  • Duratek 7
  • Duratek 4
  • 4 in 1
  • Membrana Aquazone
  • Impermeabile 100%
  • Membrana staccabile giacca
  • Climacontrol fodera
  • Ventilazioni
  • Regolazione vita
  • Regolazione fondo giacca
  • Regolazione braccia
  • Regolazione collo
  • Soffietti elastici
  • Zip connessione giacca pantalone
  • Rifrangenti


1770 Ventouring Airbag e pants 4 in 1 - scritta ENG

Ventouring wp is a jacket and pants set that offers 4 independent modes of use for the different needs:

Ventouring Airbag e pants 4 in 1 - versione1

2 independent layers, all connected with zips:
- ventilated mesh jacket/pants
- waterproof inner jacket/pants with light thermal lining.
This way you can face the spring and autumn seasons, as the inner waterproof layer has a light thermal lining (without which even a light rain would cause an annoying sensation of cold). 

Ventouring Airbag e pants 4 in 1 - versione2

At this point you can take off the waterproof layer and stay just with the ventilated mesh jacket/pants, suitable for the highest temperatures and still equipped with the CE protectors. The waterproof jacket can be stored in the wide back pocket of the ventilated one.

Ventouring Airbag e pants 4 in 1 - versione3

What to do? Easy, the waterproof jacket/pants can be quickly worn on top of the ventilated one. It has been designed for this use as well.
This version offers the advantage of increasing the thermal insulation (by creating a thicker air gap inside, which warms up with the body heat) and makes Ventouring suitable for the low temperatures. Also, it remains completely dry and sheltered by the waterproof layer.

Ventouring Airbag e pants 4 in 1 - versione4

At the end of the trip, it can be useful to wear just the waterproof jacket, which is independent and provided with one inner pocket. This way, even the cool of the evening can find us nicely prepared.
The waterproof pants can be used in case of rain on top of any other pants.

Ventouring Airbag fasi attivazione

Jacket with a CE CERTIFIED EXTERNAL AIRBAG (optional and sold separately: item code 1285, see page Airbag kit-OUT)
  • Can be externally integrated in the jacket.
  • Certified to the CE EN 1621-4 Level 2 standard, the 1st CE certified airbag for motorcyclists.
  • Activation time: 0.08 seconds, the fastest mechanically operating airbag.
  • 6.4 times more protective than a CE level-2 back protector.
  • Reduces the impact energy by about 35 times (average value of residual energy transmitted under the test: 1.4 kN)
  • Remains always anchored to the jacket, even when the inner layer is removed.
  • Easily rechargeable by the user in case of accidental opening.
  • Can be used also on the winter jacket GTS wp Airbag.

Technical features

Touring 3-season summer jacket (spring/summer/autumn), 100% waterproof

Consisting of 2 independent jackets connected with zip:
  1. external hyper-ventilated jacket with wide mesh panels
  2. waterproof and breathable inner jacket with light thermal lining

External fabrics: anti-abrasion Ballistic on shoulders and elbows, Duratek-7, Duratek-4

Wide ventilation panels with high-tenacity mesh

Jacket with a CE certified external Airbag device (optional and sold separately: item code 1285, see page Airbag kit-OUT)

3 waterproof pockets (2 external at the front and 1 inside) + wide back pocket

Accordion stretch panel on the elbows for better comfort of movement

Straps to adjust the volume of the arms, forearms, chest, waist and bottom of the jacket. In summer, when the inner layer is removed and you simply wear a T-shirt, you need to reduce the volume of the jacket in order to keep it correctly tight to the body and to maintain the shoulder/elbow protectors in the right position

Cuffs adjustable with Velcro

5-position snap adjuster to modify the width of the collar

Adjustable & removable CE protectors on shoulders and elbows

Ready for the use of CE back protector (item code 1283 Back Pro-3 Insert or 1284 Back Pro-5 Insert) as an alternative to the use of the airbag device

"Climacontrol" inner mesh lining

Laminated refractive inserts on front, arms and back for visibility at night.
Jacket available in fluo-yellow colour (code "N/G") for high visibility in the daytime

Jacket-pants connection with zip at 360°

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