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  • CE Certified glove
  • PPE - EN 13594:2015
  • Protezione nocche rigida o semirigida
  • 3D mesh
  • Soffietti elastici
  • Elasticizzato
  • Anti-scivolo guanti Sure-grip
  • Touch screen

Technical features

PPE - personal protective equipment
CE EN 13594:2015
Certified Level 1 PPE
Short camuflage summer glove

Back zone: 3d mesh

Palm zone: Microfiber

TPU knuckles reinforcement

TPR reinforcement on back of the glove

TPR reinforcements on fingers

Paddings on side and palm of the glove

Microfiber reinforcements on palm

Silicon sure-grip material on palm

Silicon sure-grip material on forefinger and middlefinger

Elasticized panels on back

Elasticized fingers

Elasticized panels on fingers

3D mesh fabric on back of the glove

Touch screen compatible on forefinger and thumb
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