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EUR 139.99 Add
  • UOMO
  • Pelle bovina 0.7
  • Pelle canguro 0.7
  • Clarino
  • Protezione Carbonio nocche
  • Protezione o imbottiture laterale guanti
  • Protezione o imbottitura laterale polso
  • Ventilazioni
  • Soffietti elastici
  • Anti-scivolo guanti Sure-grip

Technical features

Racing gloves with kangaroo leather

Back: cow leather

Palm: kangaroo leather and non-slip microfiber

Carbon and PU composite shell on the knuckles

Thermoplastic (TPR) reinforcements on both sides of the wrist

Padding on palm, fingers, sides and back of hand

Ventilation intakes on the knuckles

Accordion stretch panel on back of hand and fingers for increased flexibility

Double adjustable wrist flap for secure fit

Linked ring and little finger (however, if you prefer to disconnect them, you can do it)

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