Clover is an Italian company, founded in 1980 in Trissino and produces clothing and accessories for bikers and motorbike.

The family

Strongly based on the values of the founding family, the direction and key points of the company are still followed by the sons of the founders, who continue with the philosophy handed down of extreme attention to the quality and safety of the produced garments, from conception to delivery to the customer.

In the pictures, the founding members together with the models and photographers of one of the first collection photographs shootings. Year 1985.


In the first ten years, Clover was specialized exclusively in the off-road/Adventure sector and, in particular, motocross, acquiring a good level of notoriety with the sponsorship of champions of the like of Eric Geboers, five times world champion.

Since 1990, simultaneously to the shift of the market from motocross to the road due to the increasing of naturalistic constraints, Clover began to take an interest in the street motorcycle market.

Mainly engaging in motorbike tourism clothing, but gradually more and more also in the sports motorcycle market.

It was in these years that the brand started sponsoring motorbike riders in order to get direct feedback on the construction of his sports garments.

In that period three world titles in the 125cc class with Andrea Dovizioso (2004), Alvaro Bautista (2006) and Mike Di Meglio (2008), were acquired by the company.

With the know-how gained from these two worlds and the creation of Adventure garments since the early 1980s, the company currently has its core business in the tourist and adventure line, creating garments that fear neither weather conditions nor environmental, no matter how adverse they may be.


The company has become an active part in the evolution of technical motorcycle clothing, especially for having introduced the ventilation system and the concept of multilayer clothing particularly suited to the "trans-climatic" routes of large journeys.

Here are some innovative solutions that Clover introduced FOR FIRST and that have become common in our industry:


    • The 1st motorcycle jacket provided with a ventilation system to guarantee better comfort.


    • The 1st motorcycle jacket with built-in protectors.

  3. HP

    • The 1st motorcycle 3-layer jacket with a removable waterproof membrane to adapt to different weather conditions during long trips.


    • The 1st motorcycle two-piece leather suit that was able to match jackets and pants of a different sizes, maintaining perfect alignment of jacket and pants.

  5. TEKNO

    • The 1st motorcycle 3-layer jacket certified to the CE EN 13595-1 Level 2 standard.
    High-level protection and Comfort.


    • The 1st motorcycle 3-layer jacket ready to hold a CE certified AIRBAG device, according to the European standard EN 1621-4 Level 2. Another step forward in terms of comfort and protection.
    • The 1st motorcycle 3-layer jacket provided with the Zip & Fit system, able to reduce the width of the jacket by one size in summer, when the inner layers are removed.


    • The 1st motorcycle ventilated jacket with a waterproof membrane that can be worn inside the jacket or on top of it to increase the thermal insulation and keep it dry.


    • The 1st motorcycle jacket completely convertible from a 3-layer to a breathable laminated jacket with high-visibility inserts. It combines the advantages of both systems and follows you from the torrid summer to the heavy winter rain.
    • The 1st motorcycle 3-layer jacket with customized colours.

...the evolution continues with the collection revealed at Eicma 2018 where GTS-4 Airbag Jacket was introduced.

A 3-layer jacket but with the addition of external laminated fabric that guarantees perfect comfort even in extreme climates.

Watch the video that proves it (shoted at -22° Celcius).

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