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Clover is an Italian company, founded in 1980 in Trissino in the province of Vicenza, from the begining specialized in motorcycle clothing.
Firmly rooted in the values of the founding family, the direction and the stategic roles of the company are still followed by the founders’ children who continue with the handed-down philosophy of extreme attention to the quality and safety of the garments produced, from conception to delivery to the customer.


In the first ten years it was exclusively active in the off-road sector and, in particular, motocross, gaining a good level of notoriety with the sponsorship of five-time world champion Eric Geboers.

Since 1990, due to the market shift from motocross to road .
Clover began to take an interest in the road motorcycle market, engaging mainly in motorcycle touring apparel, but gradually becoming more and more involved in sport and utility motorcycle apparel.


Travel has always been in the company’s DNA.
Racing helped us compete and learn important lessons about ergonomics and fit, but travels put us in competition with the world itself and all its contingencies .
Unlike the track, there is no journey that is identical to another, no path that always presents the same pitfalls, no fall that happens the same way as another.

The desire to go further is what made us understand our future in the eyes of enthusiasts, of those who decided to face the world without the filter of a windshield or a window and turned to us for protection then as now .

The 1990s

It was during these years that it began sponsoring riders from the MotoGP in order to get direct feedback on the making of sports garments.
During that time Clover earned three world titles in the 125cc class with Andrea Dovizioso (2004), Alvaro Bautista (2006) and Mike Di Meglio (2008).

With the know-how derived from these three worlds and the design of adventure/touring garments since the early 1980s, the company currently has its core business in the tourism and adventure line, designing garments that fear neither weather nor environmental conditions, no matter how adverse these may be.


The company from the very beginning has been an active participant in the evolution of technical motorcycle apparel, especially for introducing the ventilation system on motorcycle garments, which was previously nonexistent, and the concept of multilayer apparel particularly suited to the “transclimatic” routes of big trips.

Here are some innovative solutions that Clover introduced FIRST and have since become commonly used in our industry:


Air forced

The 1st motorcycle jacket equipped with a ventilation system to ensure greater comfort.



The 1st motorcycle jacket with built-in protectors.



The 1st 3-layer motorcycle jacket with detachable waterproof membrane to adapt to different weather conditions on big trips.



The 1st divisible motorcycle suit that can combine jacket and pants of different sizes while maintaining perfect jacket-pant alignment.



The 1st CE EN 13595-1 Level 2 approved 3-layer motorcycle jacket. High-level protection and comfort.



The 1st 3-layer motorcycle jacket equipped with a Zip & Fit system capable of reducing the width of the jacket by one size in summer when inner layers are not used.

The 1st 3-layer motorcycle jacket prepared to accommodate a CE EN 1621-4 Level 2 approved AIRBAG. Further step forward for comfort and protection.



The 1st ventilated motorcycle jacket with waterproof membrane that can be worn inside or outside to increase thermal insulation and keep dry.



The 1st fully convertible 3-layer to laminated breathable motorcycle jacket with high-visibility inserts. It combines the advantages of both systems and takes you from scorching summer to intense winter rains.

The 1st 3-layer motorcycle jacket with custom colors.



in the collection unveiled at Eicma 2018 where the GTS-4 AIRBAG the 3-layer jacket is introduced but with the addition of laminated outer fabric that provides waterprofing even in extreme climates.

Watch the video, shot at -22 degrees celsius, that proves it.



The summary of all the technologies developed by Clover, in the ultimate multifunctional jacket. Laminated outer fabrics, IN&OUT inner membrane, customizable, removable back pocket to become a pouch and bne 3 jackets in 1 . The Crossover 4 is designed to accompany you from the scorching summer, to the intense autumn rains, to the harshest winters.

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CLOVER IT SRL è da sempre impegnata in attività di Ricerca e Sviluppo volte alla definizione, allo sviluppo e  all’ ingegnerizzazione relative a nuovi concetti di design, costruzioni tecniche, nonché sviluppo di nuovi materiali innovativi volti ad innovare le caratteristiche tecniche dei propri prodotti.

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CLOVER IT SRL has always been engaged in R&D activities aimed at defining, developing and ‘engineering related to new design concepts, technical constructions, as well as development of new innovative materials aimed at innovating the technical characteristics of its products.

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