Today we want to tell you about the unforgettable journey faced by our intrepid riders Salvatore Di Benedetto, Alex Di Muzio and Giada De Zan, exploring the majestic mountains of Ladakh, India-a unique experience made possible by their determination and high-quality technical equipment.

Facing the Himalayan Mountains:

The steep and winding roads of Ladakh, nestled among towering mountains and verdant valleys, provided an extraordinary stage for an unparalleled motorized adventure. Salvatore, Alex and Jade tackled the famous Indo-China road, which took them to the highest passes and peaks of the Himalayas and offered breathtaking views at every turn.

The Perfect Choice: Royal Enfield and Clover’s LAMINATOR-2 Suit:

To tackle this unique route, our riders chose the legendary Royal Enfield Himalayan, a local mountain icon since 2016. But in addition to the bike, the key element of their success was the technical clothing: the LAMINATOR-2 suit by Clover: totally waterproof, laminated and ventilated, this suit provided the necessary protection against the changing weather conditions of the Himalayan mountains.

A Focus on LAMINATOR-2 Technology:

The LAMINATOR-2 suit has proven to be more than just a garment. Duratek-8 fabric and waterproofing kept our riders safe during sudden weather changes, level 2 protectors ensured safety throughout the ride, and ventilations kept them comfortable during even the most extreme challenges. The choice of this technical clothing was agreed upon with Clover and was critical to ensure safety and peace of mind along the route.

Exploring Culture and Tradition:

In addition to the motorcycle challenge, Salvatore, Alex and Jade had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture of India: through ancient Buddhist monasteries such as Thiksey and Hemis, they discovered local traditions and met warm and welcoming people, so not just a motorcycle trip, but an exclusive experience that combined the thrill of technical mountain riding with the discovery of a unique culture.

Our riders traveled light and free of luggage, thanks to the constant support of Desartica Adventures tour operator who provided the constant support of a 4×4 vehicle to transport any needs.


In summary, Salvatore Di Benedetto, Alex Di Muzio and Giada De Zan’s trip to Ladakh was an epic and unforgettable adventure. Through the Himalayan mountains, with the power of Royal Enfields, a well-structured team and organization, and the protection of Clover’s LAMINATOR-2 suit, they had a unique experience, embracing the beauty, culture and exclusivity of this extraordinary region.

Watch the full video to get a taste of this exciting experience: